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Travis was hanging around the mall trying to find a hot girl to hit on but kept striking out despite his best efforts. His last try was hitting on these two incredibly attractive girls, one of them seemed almost otherworldly with her beauty and the other was clinging to her friend and looking at her with stars in her eyes. He moved in and tried to start talking them up, but as he lay down with one of his pick-up lines, the girls shrugged him off and decided to lay an added insult to injury.
“Listen buddy, you’re not that bad looking, but we’re not really interested,” the green hair girl told him.
“How so?” he asked.
“Like so,” she then proceeded to give her friend a deep and passionate kiss, and as they were engrossed with their kiss, a group of people began to point and laugh at Travis. Feeling humiliated, Travis stormed off as the two ended their kiss.
“Hey, Morrie…you think you were a little too harsh on him? We could’ve been nicer about us, you know?” the other girl asked.
“It’s a lot more fun to do this, besides you were getting into that kiss as well, Tess.”
Blushing fiercely, Tess started chiding her girlfriend and the crowd continued to egg the two on.
As the two were teasing each other, Travis wandered around the mall in a seething rage. He finally calmed down but soon found himself in an area of the mall that he didn’t know exist. He looked around and saw the store near him was an odd one called, Fulfilling Magic: Find Lifetime Fulfillment Through Magic. He walked through the store and perused some of the wares that the store. He found one book that seemed to call out to him, and as he reached out to the book, his hand was soon slapped away.
“You stupid boy! You have no idea what that tome contains!” A mysterious old man suddenly appeared before Travis.
“What are you talking about, it’s just a book.”
“It’s not just a book, it’s a tome of dark magic! It’s not something that some random little bastard can expect to comprehend!”
“Tch! Alright, I’ll leave it alone, you crazy old fart…”
Travis walked away from the tome and the old man seemed to disappear into the void. As he walked away, he looked back at the tome on the shelf, took a quick look both ways to see if that old man was around. Seeing his chance, he quickly swiped the tome from the shelf. He hid the tome underneath his shirt and quickly ran out before the old man would come back.
Once Travis made it back home, he started to look through the tome and tried to see if there was something in there that he could use to get some revenge on the two girls from earlier. Unfortunately, the language in the tome wasn’t something from Earth, it looked almost like glyphs from a video game. As he was reading the tome, he started hearing some strange voice. He tried to shake it off and make himself believe that it wasn’t real, but what happened next was very real.
“Gahh! What the hell?! What’s going on?! Ah!”
Travis cried out as he felt a sharp pain course throughout his entire body. The shock of it caused him to fall, the tome falling with him. As the tome landed on the floor, its pages started to flip rapidly, and a black flame began to rise. As the flame began to grow Travis tried to run away, but he couldn’t get away fast enough as the black flames enveloped him completely. His body didn’t feel hot for some odd reason, and he didn’t feel any sort of pain from the fire but once again, the voice from earlier came back.
“I never thought I’d find someone stupid enough to take my tome away from its seal. I’m glad you did though, because now I can come back to the world once more! However, I am going to need to make some changes, because, frankly, your current body isn’t fit to my standards of a vessel. Enjoy!”
“What in the—OW!! What the hell is with this black flame?!”
Travis tried to put out the fire that had begun on his arms, but his efforts were completely useless. As the flame coated his arms, he felt them reshaping, losing muscle tone, and becoming smoother. The flames soon shifted to his hands and they too became smoother, his nails manicured and gaining a soft sheen. He held his hands up to his face to take in what was happening, but that was a bad decision as the flame jumped from his hands and onto his face, sending him reeling in agony as he felt the flames changing him. His facial shape became less pronounced than it originally was, becoming more feminine, his skin became incredibly smooth, his nose became smaller, his eyebrows thinned out, his eyes became almond-shaped, his lips gained some pout to them, and his hair roots darkened and lengthened to his back. He took his new hands to feel his new face, as he touched his changed face, he marveled at how smooth it was and began caressing his face to really get the sensation of smooth skin rubbing together.
However, the changes weren’t quite done yet, as Travis was soon reminded. The flames quickly went down his neck, shrinking it, taking away his Adam’s Apple and changing his voice. The flames began to nest themselves at his chest and stomach area, beginning complex changes. He felt his stomach cave in on itself and some of his muscles began to collapse, but also becoming centralized, leaving smooth skin and an amount of curve on his upper body behind. The changes to his chest were more evident as the flames began to get absorbed into his body, inflating his chest to give him a pair of D cup breasts. Travis’s face went bright red as he gained a rather impressive rack, taking his hands, and beginning to squeeze on his newly formed breasts, eliciting a sensual moan in his new voice. The flames quickly went to his hips and private areas to get him to stop focusing on just his new tits. He felt his hips flare out, growing to child-bearing proportions, while the flames also danced around to his rear, causing it to inflate and become heart-shaped. As the flames went towards his manhood, Travis tried to put them out again, but alas to no avail as it began to recede and went into his body. Travis yelped in great pain, but then started to moan again, as new female parts were created and left her in an intense euphoria. During this period, the flames traveled down her legs, compiling fat into her thighs while taking away a large amount of it in her calves. Her feet began to change from being large and cumbersome, to being more delicate and lithe.
Travis looked in the mirror to see all the changes and was flabbergasted upon the reveal, touching her new face again, along with most of her new equipment, trying to discern if it was all just some lucid dream. Yet as the new girl was marveling at herself, the spirit inside the tome took advantage and formed itself around the remains of the embers and launched itself into Travis’s head. Clutching her head in pain, Travis tried to resist the spirit taking control, screaming at the top of her lungs, trying to crawl to the tome and destroy it, but that was not in the plans for the spirit as it began to assert control over Travis’s new female body. Feeling himself slipping away Travis decided to mount one final attack, as he poured every fiber of what was left of him into the spirit to try to leave at least a part of himself that could fight the spirit at every twist and turn. After that, Travis’s mind was gone and the spirit remained in control of her new body.
Getting up, she observed and began to make sure that everything was working properly as she experimented with basic movement to ensure that there was nothing wrong with the transformation process. The girl began to laugh sinisterly as she marveled at herself.
“I have a body once more! I have returned to…to…ugh! That plebian, he did something, didn’t he? My head, something’s gone wrong! I’ve never experienced this before when taking a new vessel, so why was he different?! I must scour…the…what was it? An all-knowing way of finding what you need…? Vessel! Reveal to me the secrets of this age!”
She began to try to use Travis’s last attack to discern what was useful to her in this situation, as she could use that part of him left in her to access his memories.
“The internet, I see!”
The girl approached Travis’s computer and began to type out her dilemma on various search engines. At first most of them were not very helpful, mostly going to strange fetish sites, but persistence paid off in the end as she found a search engine for magical maladies. The entry listed was called, Possession Backlash.
Possession Backlash: An effect that happens when the person being possessed can reassert some level of control of their body. In extreme cases, the backlash can force the possessor out of the possesse’s body. However, the most common cases are in which the possessor is left with imprints of the possesse, ranging from various things such as memories, mannerisms, and potentially even changing partner preference. She clicked on the partner preference part as it was highlighted, leading to footnotes of instances in which it happened. Various footnotes were there about how men who possessed women would be attracted to men and vice versa.
Curious about this information, the girl began going through Travis’s sordid web history finding rather…interesting links. As she went increasingly through the rather NSFW images and videos, her head began to hurt.
“Cursed male! You’re getting to be an incredible nuisance! I’ll let you have that partner preference, but don’t think you’ll be getting more than that! Now, begone!”
As she shouted the last word a faint shockwave reverberated throughout the room, causing some objects to be moved around and others to fall onto the floor. Looking down upon the objects reminded her that she needed to change her attire to something more fitting for herself. Black flames engulfed her clothes and began to change themselves into a very revealing outfit, exposing her breasts on a high level, her shoulders, and her legs became highly exposed. Her former socks and shoes changed into a tight-fitting hose on her feet and shoes that became heeled and became open, showing the hose, and having a band near the base of her toes and exposing them to the world. She looked at herself briefly in the mirror before someone began banging on the door.
“Hey, what the hell are you doing in there Travis?! Quit making such a damn racket!”
‘What a boorish person, I wonder if I should just burn her to cinders…’ She thought to herself before opening the door. As she opened the door, a rather attractive young woman in clothes that were viewed as wear that one would wear if they weren’t planning to leave the house for the day. She wore a tank top with a strap off her shoulder, a pair of short shorts that one wouldn’t wear out in the open, and she wore no shoes showing off her flashy painted toenails. The girl was greeted with something that she didn’t expect, a rather beautiful woman wearing very little to the imagination. Her face brightened up as she may have interrupted something she shouldn’t have.
“Oh…I…ummm…I thought that Travis was doing something else…I didn’t know that he had company over…Sorry…”
“You don’t need to worry, Travis just left. He won’t be coming back.”
“Seriously, he just left? So, what are you, the new tenant?”
“You could say that, and who exactly are you?”
“My name’s Yvette Nelson. I live next door, so I guess we’re neighbors now.”
“My name’s…Isabelle, Isabelle Carson. But I’m also apt to being called Tharja in private.”
“It’s only because I look like the character. Don’t you recognize the getup?”
“Oh yeah, I remember Travis geeking out about this one girl…didn’t remember the name though…”
Tharja began to observe Yvette, as she looked her over, she began to feel herself experiencing one effect of the backlash as she genuinely felt attracted to this woman. She then covered her mouth with her hand in order to mutter a quick spell.
“Something wrong, Isabelle?”
“Oh no, I just need you to look at something.”
“Sure, what…is…it…?”
Yvette began to trail off as she stared at some dark orb that attracted all of her attention for quite a bit. She continued to stare at it until her irises glazed over with a blank stare. This continued for about 30 seconds before the orb disappeared. Yvette’s face soon gained life back, shaking herself to her senses, but as she stared at her new neighbor, something else began to well up into her.
“Yvette? Earth to Yvette?”
“What? Oh sorry, guess I spaced out there for a bit.”
“You were staring…”
“At my chest…” Isabelle then covered her chest.
“OH! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to…”
“Don’t stand there, if you want to look then just say it.”
“What?! I…uhh…”
“Do you want one?”
Yvette’s head got redder than a tomato, and she nodded slowly.
“Then get in here…”
Yvette had her hand taken by Isabelle and was being led into her neighbor’s apartment, for something she didn’t expect when she thought that Travis was just making another racket.
Tharja's Dark Tome - TG Possession
A spiritual sequel to Remember that magic shop that Daniel found in the mall...well, someone named Travis finds it after being publicly humiliated by the new Morrigan and her new girlfriend Tess. Angry, Travis roams the mall and finds himself in the magic shop, however unlike Daniel, Travis steals what the owner tried to warn him from the item he wanted. Link to the picture is here:…

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“Mmm…good morning and how are we today…huh?”
“What’s wrong, babe?”
“Look, we’re back in our bodies!”
“Hm? Oh! You’re right!! Thank goodness!”

After some time in the bodies of Blake and Kali Belladonna, Jason and Cora were back in their original bodies. They were rather confused about what had happened, and they had different reactions as to the revelation. Jason was incredibly disappointed that he was back in his regular guy body rather than an attractive female body, a body that he thoroughly enjoyed having; he was looking at himself back in the mirror and just sighed out of defeat. Cora, however, was glad to be back in her body, though she wouldn’t readily admit that she did like being in the body of an older woman, a MILF, and as she was looking at herself in relief, seeing her old body back rather than being Kali again.

As they were having breakfast, they decided to address the elephant in the room.

“Jason, we need to talk…”
“About being in different bodies? I wanted to talk about that too.”
“You do? Oh good!”

They continued to discuss about the strange event that happened to them. As they were discussing, they could not figure out what exactly caused it to happen, but they agreed that it would not happen again, but the future didn’t exactly have that in store for them.

“What do you think happened? Did you have some sort of wish?”
“I don’t think so, Cora. I mean, I have had some fantasies a while back.”
“Really? What kind of fantasies?”
“Well, I mean…”
“C’mon, you can tell me. I promise I won’t get mad.”
“Umm…I kinda fantasized about hooking up with a MILF…”
“Really? I’m not good enough for you?”
“You said you wouldn’t get mad!”
“Just joking! You are so gullible! I can understand though, I remember being in a sorority a while back, and I saw some rather cute girls and I had some fantasies about being with someone…with an exquisite ass…”
“You had those kinda thoughts about another girl?”
“Well, I was curious then. I met you about a few weeks later and I had to suppress those fantasies. I like being with you, but I guess those fantasies just…exploded.”
“What kinda other fantasies have you had?”
“Well, what about you?”
“Um…I guess, being with a girl who’s strong, athletic…maybe a really firm, muscled body, but still soft and feminine, I guess…”
“Well, that’s kinda out there, but I guess I’ll tell you mine. I’ve kinda thought about being with a girl with a rather…remarkable…bust…”
“You want to hook up with a girl who has big tits?”
“Not just big…’tits’, but also still curvy, you know, like some of the cosplayers out there.”

As the two began to have a petty argument about their previously undisclosed fantasies, they both started to feel a bit light-headed. As they started to feel a bit off-balanced, their vision began to fade as they collapsed onto the floor in a heap.

What felt like hours later, was only several minutes as the two began to stir.

“What’s going on?”
“What happened?”

After Jason asked what happened, he looked down and was excited.

“Yes!! I’m back in a girl’s body again! Holy crap, these tits are huge!! Just the way you like ‘em, right babe?”
“Jason!! This wasn’t supposed to happen again!! There’s no way we’re gonna do what we did the last time we were in different bodies!”
“Oh really? Then how does this feel?”
“Jason!! Jason, no! JasonJasonJason, oh…oh wow…oh damn, this feels so good…are we seriously gonna do this again?!”

Jason was using his new body to kiss the neck of Cora’s new body, while rubbing his new body against hers. Despite her protests, Jason kept going and Cora eventually had to submit to the pleasure. They made out with their borrowed bodies for quite some time before getting their bearings.

“Jason, babe, wait. Let’s figure out who we are before we go any farther.”
“Okay, fine.”

Jason inspected his new body in the mirror, and it didn’t take long for him to figure out whose body he now currently occupies, he was in the body of Kara Zor-El, aka, Power Girl. He continued to ogle his reflection and found himself massaging his breasts and ass. Cora could only shake her head and thought, ‘Ugh, why do guys always go for the breasts and ass whenever they see a girl? But…seeing a girl like that doing that…oh man, what am I thinking?!’

Cora looked at the mirror and inspected herself, just like Jason, quickly figured out whose body she now currently inhabits, Diana Prince, Wonder Woman. She began to feel her body, feeling the muscles that she now owns, marveling at her body’s firmness. The new muscles got her intrigued and she continued to massage her muscles, moaning slightly at the feeling of her physique.

“So, are you the only one allowed to pleasure themselves while they’re in another body?”

Jason peeked on Cora’s self-massaging session and gave her one heck of a surprise.

“You know, we’re in these bodies and no one’s the wiser…why don’t we have a bit of fun in here?”
“C’mon, I see you sizing me up with that new pair of eyes you have…what’s wrong with indulging in a little bit of pleasure?”
“You remember what happened when we were Kali and Blake, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. That alone was more than enough to spook me…”
“Cora!! I wanna do things in this body, and I know you want to as well! Didn’t you say you wanted to mess around with a girl who had a pair of tits like these?! And you’re looking really good yourself too, firm yet sexy…let’s enjoy ourselves here…”
“But Jason…”
“Feel these, just feel ‘em…I guarantee you’ll love it…”
“Well…alright, but don’t expect this to lead to anything!”

Cora began to feel the breasts on Jason’s new body, giving them a hearty squeeze, eliciting several sensual moans from Jason. Cora looked disapprovingly at Jason for a moment, but went back to pleasing her boyfriend in his new body. As she went back to squeezing the hearty breasts, her hands went behind Jason’s back and started to take off the costume that Power Girl traditionally wears. As the outfit started to fall to the ground, Jason began to reach behind Cora’s back to get Wonder Woman’s outfit off as well. As the two began to look at their exposed bodies, they both became incredibly hot blooded and went at each other with an immense passion. As they continued to embrace and kiss, their bodies began to start rub against each other vigorously. They both began to call out each other’s names and then passed out briefly.

“Yeah, Cora?”
“Can we please try not doing this if we swap again?”
“I dunno, you seemed to really like this…”
“That’s only because you get me worked up the way you do.”
“You enjoy it though, right?”
“Well…yeah…but I’m not—“
“Who says you are? You’re just indulging in your fantasies, nothing wrong with that.”
“Ummm…okay…I guess…Do you…do you really like being a girl?”
“Being a girl’s awesome! Having a nice pair like these, a curvy body like this, and an ass like the one you see on me…I love it!!”
“Not enough to want to be a girl completely, right?”
“Well, I can handle being a guy, and with you…though if I do get stuck as a girl, I’d want to do everything to stay with you, Cora. I can’t really see a life without you.”
“Jason…Well…if you do end up staying as a girl…I guess…I wouldn’t mind staying with you…”

Jason and Cora engaged in an intimate kiss as they started to get sleepy, getting ready to return to their own bodies.
A Powerful and Wonderful Swap
Jason and Cora return after spending time in the bodies of Blake and Kali Belladonna, and have a very interesting discussion about what may have gotten them swapped in the first place. Next thing they know, they're in the bodies of two of DC's finest women in Power Girl and Wonder Woman. Cora is incredibly reluctant to do anything in their new bodies, but Jason's eager and willing to explore their new bodies.

Power Girl and Wonder Woman belong to DC Comics.
Image is from this link:…

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“Mmmmm…. What a nice night…right, Mira?”
“The best!”

Mirajane and Lucy snuggled close together back at Lucy’s apartment. Mirajane had become the newest host to The Smoke, and Lucy was thrilled to have Fairy Tail’s cover girl as her newest partner. Lucy had become the newest host to a main body of The Smoke and had gained several thralls in her guildmates: Levy, Erza and now Mirajane. Before she got Mirajane to be the newest thrall, she herself surrendered to the pleasures that The Smoke has given her, melding her with the incorporeal being, giving her the desire to make the world bow before her and have as many thralls as possible. As Lucy looked around the guild, she saw many more of Fairy Tail’s lovely ladies she had to make into her thralls. The first that came to mind was the woman who possessed a superpowered liver and magical cards, Cana Alberona. It also helped that Cana and Lucy were rather close, especially after the S-Rank Trials. Lucy came up with a plan that just might work, if things worked in her favor.

As Lucy entered Fairy Tail, she saw Cana once again chugging a large barrel of booze. Lucy simply smiled, knowing this, her plan would be able to work. She went up to Cana and tapped her shoulder.

“Hey, Cana. You may wanna lay off the booze there. You’re gonna seriously wreck yourself.”
“Hey! I can handle this much without a problem! You should know that.”
“Maybe, let me feel your shoulders…” Lucy felt Cana’s shoulders and noticed that they were seriously stiff. “Cana, your shoulders are incredibly tense. Let me give you a massage. You’ll seriously feel better.”
“Really? Well…alright. Let’s go…your place or mine?”
“Let’s go to my place, Cana. I’ve got some things to help with a massage.”
“Alright, lead the way.”

As Cana and Lucy arrived at Lucy’s apartment, Lucy pointed over to her bedroom.

“Go lie down on my bed, I’ll join you in a sec.”

As Cana went into Lucy’s room, she looked around and took in the sight of seeing her friend’s bedroom. She thought something was up as she smelled something lingering in the room…maybe a faint hint of a perfume, one that Lucy did not regularly wear. She decided to probe Lucy about it during the massage. She went to lie down on Lucy’s bed, although she didn’t remove her shoes as she kept her legs off the bed.

“Cana! Why do you still have your shoes on?!”
“My legs aren’t on your bed, Lucy. You could sit on top of my waist, as you give me that massage, though.”

Cana began to laugh quite a bit as her advance took Lucy off-balance. She enjoyed teasing her friends, especially her female ones. She took pleasure in seeing the girls’ reactions to her flirting, Lucy especially, as she had recently become a bit more social with the girls in the guild. Lucy sighed, as she got started with her massage. She resigned herself to sit on Cana’s waist to get her friend the massage that she needed.

Lucy began to work on Cana’s shoulders, getting the muscles kneaded and rubbed down. Cana sighed in pleasure as she felt the stress beginning to leave her body. Lucy kept working on her friend’s body, as she felt Cana’s soft skin and blushed a bit as she worked on Cana. As Lucy kept working, Cana kept sighing and moaned in arousal. Lucy shook her head as she heard Cana’s moaning, trying to keep herself focused on the task at hand. Cana decided to use this time to ask her friend what her what was going on with Lucy recently.

“Hey, Lucy? Have you been having some people over recently?”
“Well, it’s only because I smell some perfume here. Perfume that I don’t believe that you would wear.”
“I’ve had some people over, yeah.”
“Over for sex?”
“I highly doubt you’d bring people here and their perfume would waft into your bedroom. The only way that would be possible is that they were here in your bedroom, and for quite a while. Who exactly have you slept with? Cause that’s the only way for the different kinds of perfume to be lingering around in here.”
“You don’t wanna say?”
“Well…I mean…”
“Lucy, look. Look at what I wear every day, and I don’t have a boyfriend. What do you think that would mean?”
“You too?”
“Well, more of…I don’t like a man who’s after me just for my body. When it comes to women, though, I do have to have a good-looking woman to be with, but I need her to be understanding, kind and selfless. Kind of…like you, Lucy.”
“Yeah, now fess up girl. Who’ve you been sleeping with?”
“Well…with Levi-chan, Erza and Mira. To be honest, I’ve had my eye on you for a while now.”
“Oh, really now? Tell me, what got you so interested in those three? Cause, with Erza and Mira, I can think of two very good reasons, but those reasons aren’t the same with Levi.”
“Well, there are two good reasons for Levi…her legs are…divine…” Lucy let out a bit of drool, fantasizing about Levi’s legs.
“Lucy…you’re drooling…”
“Oh! Whoops, sorry!”
“Can we get started already?”
“Impatient much, hm?”

Cana turned around, got up and pushed Lucy onto the wall, giving her a passionate kiss. Lucy returned the kiss with incredible vigor, guiding Cana’s hands onto her shirt, helping with the buttons on her shirt. Cana got Lucy’s shirt off and Lucy threw her shirt off onto the floor. Cana wagged her finger and brought Lucy back into her living room and threw her onto the couch. Lucy giggled and Cana went on top of Lucy and kissed her even more, while guiding Lucy’s hands to onto her rear. Lucy caressed and squeezed her paramour’s ass lovingly, seeing Cana break the kiss just to moan with passion at Lucy’s touch. Cana’s hands went behind her back and her top fell to the floor, with Lucy looking mesmerized by Cana’s bust. During that moment, Cana ripped off Lucy’s bra and threw it to the ground. Lucy came back to reality when Cana’s chest was pressed onto Lucy’s. The two were entranced with each other as they grinded their bodies up against each other in the throes of their passion. As their lust grew, they threw off more clothes, getting even more turned on than before. Lucy was confused seeing Cana’s heels still on as well as her own, and Cana’s only response was that it was hotter this way. As the two continued to engage in their tryst, the two were calling out each other’s names as it ended.

Once it was over Lucy went over to Cana, as she was heaving after quite an exquisite time with her new girlfriend. Yet that wasn’t in the future at all for Cana, as Lucy came over to her, kissed her deeply, and while in that kiss, something began to enter Cana. As she tried to get Lucy to back off, all she could see were a pair of eyes that a predator would have once their prey’s been ensnared, and that would be the last thing that Cana would be able to see with her own free will.

As The Smoke began to rush into her body, Cana was losing consciousness and her body began to slump as her body was becoming the newest thrall for The Smoke. Cana’s body shuddered as The Smoke was beginning to settle into its new host. As her body began to stir, Cana’s body looked itself over and marveled at its… generous proportions.

“Mmmm… This body feels so good…”
“Let me get a feel for it.”

Lucy’s body shuddered and Cana’s shuddered as well.

“Wow…what a body…fantastic breasts, sublime curves, luscious legs…hm, I feel a bit off than some of the other thralls…oh! This thrall has quite a strong liver, and she loves her drink, could have some fun with this body. Back to home base, though.”

Cana’s body shuddered and Lucy’s shuddered to get its original body back.

“Oh, now this is gonna be fun, yes, Cana?”
“Of course…let’s have fun, Lucy…”
Fairy Tail Possession 5 - Cana
Sorry for the long break, but I'm working full time now, so I'll try to put more stories out there from time to time. Now as for the story, The Smoke gets a new thrall and the inquisitive Cana starts digging into Lucy's new activities and begins to get more than what she bargained for.
I'm sorry that it has taken so long for me to get any sort of story done in the past several weeks, but I've had many hours of work and some family obligations to take care of too. I apologize to all of you that I've not been as active as I wish I could have.

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I had just finished watching Sailor Moon and found myself so enthusiastic about many of the girls. When I looked back at the characters, I found myself inexplicably drawn towards Ami Mizuno, aka Sailor Mercury. She was incredibly smart and attractive as well, I enjoyed seeing her on the screen more so than any other. I kept looking around online for great fanart of her, finding several pictures that I’d saved into my pic folders. As I kept looking at the fanart, I had developed thoughts into the back of my mind about something.

‘What if I could be her? I…want to be like her…’

Those thoughts continued to drive my searches online. I was looking for any sort of mystical way to transform myself into Ami. As I looked on the seedier side, I found some sort of product that claimed it would be able to transform me into any character that I wished. It cost quite a bit, but I decided to order it anyway.

After about a week of waiting, my order came in. The item was a sphere that had a pair of USB ports, one for its power and the other for a jump drive. I needed to load a picture of whoever I wanted to transform into and then plug the device in to get it powered up. As I nervously copied the picture of Ami onto the jump drive, I only thought about being like Ami. When the file was done, I felt relieved and took the drive out of my computer. My hands were shaking as I put the drive into the device and plugged it in. A few minutes later I could hear the machine whirring to life as it powered up. It was several minutes later after I plugged it in, I heard a hissing noise coming out of the machine. I was incredibly worried as I thought that it had broken, but when I approached it, a gas was spurting forth and I was caught up in it.

As the gas filled my lungs, I was coughing vigorously to try to get some oxygen in me, but something else felt incredibly off as well. My torso was in severe pain and as I continued to cough, my torso began to shrink significantly. I also began to feel my arms and calves slimming down, with some of the fat going from my calves going into my thighs making them more womanly. The fat from my arms began to relocate into my chest and I felt more fat beginning to build up in my chest giving me what I believe was a B-cup. I continued to cough even more and the gas went into my throat and it was slimming down and removing my Adam’s Apple, changing my voice and I began to hear it when I was coughing. More changes continued as I could feel bones shifting and I was seriously in a lot of pain. My body collapsed into a heap onto the ground as I could hear bones cracking, and now that the gas was no longer being produced but I was feeling the aftereffects in my body. I could feel my body changing into a different form, as I felt fat filling in my rear and becoming heart-shaped. My feet began to shrink and became more petite. My hands and fingers slimmed down and became rather girly, even my nails were getting a clear nail polish on them to give them a nice shine. I could feel my stomach rising up and down, but also shrinking my core and my stomach became much sexier. I could feel my face shifting and gaining more feminine features, my eyes began to clear up and my vision felt off. I got rid of my glasses as I saw my vision was becoming much better. As I was marveling at my vision being fixed, I could feel my scalp burning as began to lengthen quite a bit. My hair’s roots began to change color from black to a shade of blue.

I looked at myself at the mirror and marveled at my new look. As I looked on at my new figure I was extremely pleased with myself, giggling in delight. That didn’t last for long though as my head began to throb violently and put me through what seemed like a migraine to end all migraines. As I closed my eyes and clutched my head in pain, my mind began to feel cloudy and my memory was becoming fuzzy. I tried to remember things about myself, but I couldn’t, all I could remember was being…what? I couldn’t figure out what I was trying to remember, and as I continued to try to recall the memories, I passed out on the floor.

As I woke up, I felt incredibly groggy. I looked around and saw my room and seemed like something felt slightly off, but I dismissed it. I got myself dressed in some casual clothes and started to walk out the door.

“Oh, Ami dear, please try to be home on time. I don’t want you staying out late.”

“Okay, Mom!”
Ami Mizuno TG MC Request (Requester POV)
This is a request for :icongoldendoctor:. I apologize that I have been rather inactive for a while, but I've been rather busy with work and family issues. I apologize to both my watchers and the requester that this has taken so long for me to do. Image comes from the following link here:…


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